In a network marketing company typically your product is over inflated high price piece of crap. There are great products out there, many of you remember the $40.00 bottles of Juice of $60 bottles of vitamins. The problem is no one really wants that stuff. Recently a buzz has been surging around about the real value of Numis Network coins. The word on the street is that Numis Network coins are overpriced. A lot of this is being stirred up my amateur internet marketers and average joes that look at coins on eBay. These are just random claims. Does that sound like an expert analysis or authority to you?

There is a gentleman by the name of Mike Mezack who is the number 1 authority on the real value of Numis Network coins. You have seen him on TV late at night on the home shopping channel selling numismatic coins to channel surfers. Mike Mezack is the only person/entity to sell over 1 billion dollars in numismatic coins. Last year he sold an unbelievable amount of coins to couch potatoes on the home shopping network. Now I do not know a single person that is excited to watch the home shopping network or that actively enjoys watching it. Mike Mezack is one of the leading authorities on values of numismatic coins. Mike is currently a strategic partner with Numis Network and is putting his reputation on the line to support the value of Numis Network coins. To have thee number one seller of numismatic coins and the man to pioneer this industry supporting the value of the coins and Numis Network says that the coins are competitively priced.

On the 2009 American Silver Eagle Dollar MS70 sells for $216.75 everyday, if you Google the coin it sells from $125 and up. These are retail levels of coins. Will you see the same coins on eBay for $80 or even $60? Yes, of course you will see them there. eBay is not a retailer. Most of the time when a person is shopping on eBay people are looking for bargains and discounts. The concept of buying coins discounted is great and I buy as much as I can. eBay is one marketplace, a consumer to consumer marketplace, which is not the authority or sole dictator of coin values.

So how are Numis Network coins valued? A bullion coin is a raw piece of metal that is not graded or encapsulated which has a value of about $17-21. Once the coin is submitted to a grader like ANACs, NGC, or PCGS it costs about $30 to have them grade it; not including shipping. Only 10-15% of coins are graded MS70 which is considered perfect and the highest grade on the sheldon scale. Now if your coin comes back MS69 which is only 1 degree of difference then it is worth approximately $30. A coin could be purchased for $20 and graded for $30 and then with the cost of shipping you could be at $55 and the coin may come back only being worth $30 as an MS69. Is that really worth it? We have discussed the retail value of MS70 American silver Eagles previously. An average selling price for MS70 American Silver Eagles is about $125.

Numis Network members receive the coins for $99. Numis Network members can sell their coins on their own site for $119.00. Numis Network coins are competitively priced. There will always be people selling coins for less on eBay. This is because some people don’t want/need the coins so they will sell them at a discount. Some people fall on unfortunate circumstances and situations and need cash now. It is great that Numis Network coins have a real value and that you can always sell them? If you fall on hard times how much can you sell your garage full of bottles of juice? Numis Network coins will always have a real value.

Source by Ron Gelok III

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