Once you’ve set up your Selling account, and you’ve listed your items on eBay, the process of monitoring your business begins. This is done in you’re ‘My eBay’ area.

Every eBay member has a ‘My eBay’ area and this is where you can watch the progress of your auctions. In the example on the next page, you can see that there’s a My Summary section where you can click on any of the shown links.

In essence, the My Summary page is a complete view of your business at any given moment.

The main areas of concern are the All Selling section and the My Messages section.

In the All Selling section, you can see listings you’ve Scheduled and if need be, you can edit them. You can also see at a glance how many active listings you have, how many items you’ve sold, and how many items that might have finished without selling.

The My Messages section needs to be monitored frequently, because many potential bidders like to ask you questions about the item, and creating a dialogue with them is important, and can lead to better bid rates and higher prices.

Not only that, most shoppers are impatient and if you don’t get back to them in a timely fashion, they’ll buy from your competition. Try to answer every question within a 24 hour time period at least.

The faster you get questions answered, the more professional you’ll appear, the more sales you’ll make.

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