Last Year over 20 Billion Dollars worth of product was sold on Ebay. (Yes Biilion with a “B”). Many people are earning $10,000 or more selling on Ebay. Many more would like to sell on eBay but they face that big hurdle – Where Do I find Items to sell on Ebay. Here are the 11 Best Places to Find Items to sell on E-Bay.

1 – Garage Sales

The Strategy that works best with Garage Sales is stop by at the end of the day and offer to buy all the merchandise they have left. You can often spend $25 – $50 and then resell on eBay for $500 or more.

2 – Storage Units

You’ve seen those Storage units. If people don’t pay their rent the contents are auctioned site unseen.

You can almost always make huge profits reselling these items on eBay and you almost always break even if you happen to get a lemon.

3 – Household Items

Clean out the attic, go through the garage and even your closet. Most Households have hundreds if not thousands of dollars of “Junk” they can sell on Ebay.

4 – Government Auctions

Government Auctions are a great place to find things to sell on Ebay.

5 – Consignment

This appears to be one of the fastest growing small business of the New Millennium. You sell things for other people on E-Bay and you keep 25% of the profit

6 – eBay

If you know a market like coins, Antiques, Stamps you can often buy items on eBay at deep discounts from motivated sellers and then turn around and sell them at a very nice profit.

7 – Retail Inventory

If you happen to own a store this is a great way to get rid of your overstock, Off Season or returned items. Using the consignment idea you can offer to sell (hard to sell items) for local merchants on Ebay.

8 – Flea Markets/Swap Meets

Flea Markets/ Swap Meets often have Day Sellers. Many of these people don’t want to load up the stuff at the end of the day and take it Home. By offering to by all that is left at the end of the day you can often get great deals.

9 – Church Bazaars

The Church Bazaar strategy is similar to the Flea Market Strategy above. Offer to buy what’s left at the end of the day at a deep discount

10 Fairs and festivals

Use buy it all strategy above at local fairs and festivals.

11 – Drop Ship

Drop Shipping is a great way to get items to sell on E-Bay. See the eBay Resource link below for more information.

Source by Mike Makler

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